Our COVID-19 Policy

Protecting staff and customers.

This virus will be with us for some time yet.

You will be greeted by our reception staff; they will be behind courtesy screens (similar to what you would experience in a bank).

There will be sanitisers for use to wipe the keys of vehicles upon receiving it, a manager will then come out to your vehicle with a fogging machine that will be used to sanitise the interior of your vehicles before going into our workshops, this has to be left in the vehicle for 10 minutes with doors and windows closed, this method has been tested and approved as the most effective method to protect staff and customers and is now used by the transport industry.

When the work on your car is completed the sanitising machine will be used again before being handed back to you.

Your keys-: Before being handed back will be cleaned with a sanitiser wipe.

We will require your permission to sanitise your vehicle (it will leave a pleasant deodorising smell) this will be agreed by signing the work request.

You will notice all our staff wearing gloves and practicing social distancing.

We would ask that where possible you pay by debit card to further reduce the risk.

Something I’m afraid we are all going to have to live with for the foreseeable future.

Please remember the 2 meter rule and Stay Safe, protect yourself and others.

NHS and Frontline Workers will receive priority